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We are faithful participants in the mission of the church, which is to partner with God to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We not only engage in our area of ministry, but also work to empower others to be in ministry as well. We want to listen to God’s calling so that we may discern the greatest needs of our church, neighborhood, and greater community.

The Social Justice Team consists of several action teams which advocate for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the church and society. These teams work to invite members of the congregation to engage in areas of social concern, in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. They also strive to develop resources to inform, motivate, and train members on issues related to peace and justice.

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SHUMC Racial Justice Committee

Mission Statement

We want to help educate our church community to the reality of minorities in America and provide an empathetic understanding of what racial inequities exist and how we can, as a community, actively work to dismantle those racial inequities and open our eyes to the suffering of others. 

Our community is hurting.  We see many of our Black and Brown neighbors crying out for justice and equity. But for many of us, we do not have a complete understanding of systemic racism or the injustices faced by our brothers and sisters of different ethnicities. Many of our community members have a heart to serve and a desire for understanding and now we want to form a coalition to take action. We first will seek to learn and understand through connecting with diverse communities and sharing our experiences and we will focus not on solutions but learning and understanding. Through that we will find our place to serve in this massive cause for justice in our community and world. If being a leader in racial justice is something that pulls at your heart, please fill out this form.

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The SHUMC Racial Justice Task Force would like to invite you to Movie Matinee. Please come and see a great movie and a deep insight into an experience that opened many minds and hearts to the need for racial justice in America. WHEN: Sunday, July 10 at 2:00 PM MT WHERE: Smoky Hill United Methodist Church. Youth will be selling snacks - bring cash!
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SHUMC Racial Justice Task Force Statement on Shootings across the nation

At Smoky Hill United Methodist Church, we are a community. And in that community, we find safety and comfort. Sadly, our world does not enjoy that safety and comfort. We see the mass shooting of black shoppers at a Buffalo grocery store, we see innocent little kids killed on the last day of school, a time that should be full of joy, and we see patients in a hospital killed were they should be safe to be made better. All of this is based on one thing. Hate. The hatred of “others” is a cancer in our society, and we cannot and will not accept that. The Smoky Hill United Methodist Church and the Racial Justice Task Force issue this statement: We will do everything we can to serve as a beacon of love in our community. We welcome all and we work to take our safety and comfort into the world and share it with others. We stand with the victims and their families and while we do offer our solemn prayers and heartfelt wishes, that is not enough. We vow to be a force for change and for equality in our community and challenge all our members to get involved and help to do something in the face of these tragedies. We can stop hate from killing our world, but it will take everyone. Let’s start today! 

God bless. SHUMC Racial Justice Task Force.

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Racism on the Reservation & Beyond
Will Peters Recorded Zoom Presentation
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After the murder of George Floyd in May 2020 in Minneapolis, a movement seems to have started. A spark that after too many years of inaction, hopefully has ushered in a new period of reflection on the injustices perpetrated on those of color as well as several other ethnic and racial groups. 

To help us in the journey of understanding, Social Justice is offering a list of resources to explore. This will include books, films, podcasts, Ted Talks and other venues. We are encouraging you to share other resources to add to these pages. It is meant to be a fluid list with new resources added. Please check on the website periodically.

How to utilize this list: 

  • Small groups of no more than 10 seem to be most efficient. Gather friends, neighbors and family members to discuss. Set norms, find a venue such as outdoors, socially distancing, or virtually. Under a tree and seeing each other in person may be your choice. We see this happening a lot this summer.
  • Explore any of these on your own. There may be something you have seen before, but want to experience again, possibly in a new light.

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Reconciling Ministries Action Team

In February 2020, SHUMC voted to become a Reconciling Congregation, part of the Reconciling Ministries Network. Reconciling Ministries Network equips and mobilizes United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.

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RMN at Aurora Pride Event August 6

Your Smoky Hill UMC Reconciling Ministries team has a booth again this year for the Aurora Pride Event on Aug 6th. If you are interested in coming out to visit the booth and event you can copy the ticket in this message. Click on the view all mobile tickets. The ticket has the name John Craig on it but can be used by all from the church. It is a vendor ticket and just tell them at the gate you are with Smoky Hill and headed to our booth. We welcome you to join us as we extend a friendly hand in love and support to our LGBTQAI+ community.

View All Mobile Tickets

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Trans 101 Workshop (Recorded Zoom Presentation on Vimeo)

This was a free Zoom presentation on topics related to welcoming and understanding transgender, nonbinary, and other gender-expansive folks. 

The workshop was open to anyone looking to learn more about gender diversity in God’s creation and how to better serve those in the transgender and nonbinary communities.

To view the recorded presentation click here

Presented by Smoky Hill UMC Reconciling Ministries