Help with Calling Legislators

View or download a sample script to use when contacting your legislators.

Tips for Contacting your Legislators



Before you call or email


  • Determine who your elected officials are based on where you live. 
  • Note two to three main points you want to make about the issue in question.
  • Note specific, personal reasons you support or oppose the issue in question to make your call stand out.

NOTE:  Your correspondence (either via phone or email) will most likely be handled by staffers for the legislator in question. 


During your call or email


  • Calling is preferred over email or mail (read about why here), but still contact them any way you can!
  • Be polite and respectful even if you didn't vote for the legislator you're contacting. Common courtesy goes a long way in having your opinion heard.
  • State who you are and that you're a constituent (including your full address and zip code if necessary).
  • State that you are a United Methodist and how that relates to the issue based on our Social Principles.
  • Ask what the legislator's stance is on the issue you're inquiring about.  If they disagree, ask why.
  • Make it personal - A personal connection to an issue makes your story stand out to the staffer who handles your correspondence or call.  If you voted for the legislator, say so.
  • Keep it short - The information will be summarized and passed on to the legislator, so select two to three points at most to highlight.
  • Say "Thank you".