A note from the Smoky Hill United Methodist Social Principles in Action Team...


We as a country are at a point where rapid governmental change and challenges bring concern, regardless of party affiliation. A new Social Justice team, “United Methodist Social Principles in Action”, has formed to help us, as United Methodists, to communicate these concerns, based on our own Social Principles, to our elected legislators.

The Action Team will present current legislative issues, executive orders or any proposed actions and identify the Social Principle with which we see a conflict. This isn’t new. The Methodist Church has a long history of speaking out on social injustice and offering acts of justice and mercy.

You will be offered, via the email Blast and the Smoky Hill UMC website, our research on these topics including the Social Principle in question. You will have the contact information to express your thoughts, identify yourself as a concerned United Methodist and present the Social Principle on which you base your concerns. We believe this can be very powerful. Please join us and contact your legislators multiple times, grounded in our demonstrated faith.


If you are interested in joining our team or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Social Principles in Action Team