God Is Good, God Is Great To A Charter Member

Thursday, October 27, 2016

a story by Elizabeth Larsen

I am thankful for the privilege of being fulfilled by God in this place every day. I enjoy the fellowship here and the friends I meet. Many times I have been tested by His spirit.


My life, my health, my heart, my happiness and my privileges have led me onto greater things. Have you ever noticed when you are happy, everyone around you has a glow? I worship here to have my cup filled each week and to be with others who are supportive in His Spirit.


In this church I have served as lay leader, lay speaker, United Methodist Woman, punch lady, kitchen queen, banner designer, district dude, rebel rouser, old timer, funeral coordinator, Queen Elizabeth, Clown Huggins, retreat leader, on 3 building committees, youth leader and mentor, and friend. No matter what the title, you all know me as somebody who loves, serves, and hugs every one of God's people.


I serve and support this church because of my dedication to God and all the friends for the past few decades. As we get older, it is hard to remember names but I can meet new friends every day, even if I have know you for many years.


In my dreams, I have always had high expectations of what worship world should be like and I found that here when the last phase of this church was finished. Now what's left are many friends who worked so hard to make this dream come true. I have been active in 7 different churches but this church meets all of my needs in my Christian life. I might say that college students who go away to college and people who move onto other churches wished they had a church like this one in their new community. We may have had our ups and downs but we do have a good DNA here in this place. We are well known for our many Christian programs, missions, music, compassion, preschool, Church School, youth programs, supportive staff, members, youth and friends who love God. You too can promote this church to others by inviting friends to attend, making them welcome and being friendly to all by giving your support through your time, talent, prayers and gifts.


This is your outstanding, superior church in the conference and it's up to us to support this deserving congregation.


To sum up my dreams, God is in charge and our guidance counselor, Christians come to pay for and carry out His plan, and this is my home to provide worship and fellowship for our community, state and world.


My prayer is for all of these programs is to take responsibility as they need to be funded if we continue to grow and do great missions as big business according to all of our dreams.


God is good, God is great and we thank Him!