A fire has started in our hearts!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

a story by Jayson and Amy Go

Prior to moving here in 2011, we weren’t part of a church. Amy grew up in the United Methodist church and Jayson grew up Catholic. We tried Smoky Hill a few times before our son was born but since having a newborn changes a new parents’ life, we didn’t develop any connections until a while later.


After a few more visits (while not sleep deprived), we knew Smoky Hill would be our home. Amy got involved with Chapter Chicks book club, Jayson got involved with the Tech Team, and as a family, we joined Dinners with Families. Through small groups, we slowly began to meet others that become our church family. After our daughter arrived, we were shown an incredible amount of love and support from our church family.


Shortly after having our second child, we heard that Disciple I would be offered at Smoky Hill. Amy heard great things about the class and wanted to take it. But thinking of how we’d take a time-intensive class all while balancing Amy returning to work and having the kids stay up later than usual made us super nervous. We convinced ourselves that we’d just have to try it. If it became too much, we could at least say we tried. God showed us that when we give our time and energy to Him, He’ll make everything else work out.


This summer we joined our Smoky Hill family at the All Church Camp-out. Our weekend was full of fun activities and fellowship: playing football with the kids, youth and their dads, meals together, watching the youth being silly (& getting dunked in the water spigot), participate in mini-VBS activities, and come together for an awesome, interactive worship service. This weekend of fun fellowship continually comes up at home with our son talking about "our awesome weekend at Cherry Creek with our church family".


The faith journey we have been on while at Smoky Hill has been incredible. Not only have we grown closer to God, but a fire started within our hearts. A passion for God. A passion for our church. We are excited to see where God takes us next!