Children and Families Ministries...

bringing the little children to God.

Smoky Hill Staff

  • Cradle Care Coordinator

    Donna Harris
  • Director of Children and Family Ministries

    Crystal Duncan

Parenting Christian Kids Newsletters

Smoky Hill UMC is known to be a child-friendly church and we are so blessed to welcome new children and their families every week.


Sunday School happens every Sunday for children ages 2-11. Children younger than 2 years may go to the nursery. Youth and Adult classes are also offered during the 10:00 am hour. Visitors are welcome every Sunday for Sunday School.


We offer Faith Passages through Christian Education programs at SHUMC. Faith Passages are milestones in a child's spiritual journey. Through these Faith Passages children come to know, love and serve God. Children's Faith Passages include: Baptism, a God Walk, a God Talk, Third Grade Bibles, 5th Grade Continuation, Confirmation and Graduation. SHUMC partners with parents in celebrating their children's spiritual journey.




Starting Oct 1, 2017:

Children Library – Bears – Room 212

Under 2 yrs -- Koalas -- Room 206 (Nursery)

2 yrs. –Butterflies -- Room L30

3 -4 yrs -- Fish and Doves -- Room L28

Kindergarten and 1st Grade -- Room L32

2nd and 3rd Grades  --Room 217

4th and 5th Grades -- Room 219

Note: All "L" rooms are downstairs and all "200" rooms are upstairs