Donna Harris

Administrative & Cradle Care Coordinator

Donna wears many different hats! As the Administrative Coordinator, she is responsible for managing the church calendar, room assignments, and many other property management tasks. Donna is also part of the communications & media team, manages many church databases, is the Trustee Liaison, and IT Coordinator. As Cradle Care Coordinator, Donna manages the nursery schedule and staffing, nursery programming, and she ensures the nursery staff is properly trained.

My husband, Kurt, and I moved to Colorado from Indiana in July of 1996 with our children, Kristopher and Karlie. Our son, Kurtis, joined us in March of 2000.  I began coming to Smoky Hill UMC in September of 1996 with my kids.  November 1, 2002, I was hired to be the Cradle Care Coordinator.  My passion is children and administration.  I like to be organized.  I had difficulty serving and participating as a young mother and wanted to provide that opportunity for other families.  In January 2011, my administrative background resurfaced and I was given many of the administrative responsibilities I have listed in my role description.