Smoky Hill United Methodist Church

Connect. Transform. Serve.

Welcome to Smoky Hill United Methodist Church

Smoky Hill UMC affirms that God’s grace is available to all.  We prayerfully seek to openly welcome all of God’s children regardless of Christian perspective, education, economic condition, race, gender, national origin, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, age or marital status.  We commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons independent of society’s regard.  God blesses us all so that together we can be God’s instrument of blessing to the world.



Circling the Wagons: A Story of Smoky Hill's Beginning

Before the church facility was built, the congregation met in a dentist’s office, a school, and even in camp chairs on the church property in the midst of weeds, gophers, and snakes.  At that time, the road was only dirt and gravel.  Built on the original Smoky Hill Trail, the church folks chose the covered wagon as their symbol.  The original pioneers traveled on the Smoky Hill Trail in wagons, circling up at night to keep each other safe.  Each wagon housed a community member with his/her skill – the blacksmith, the gunsmith, the teacher or tailor.  Each family supported the community for the “good of the whole” and, also, received aid from the community.  The people of Smoky Hill UMC came to see each other as participants in such a wagon train, using their gifts to serve the community and to care for the community. It is this western spirit that has served Smoky Hill well over the years.




The United Methodist Church's vision is to make disciples for the transformation of the world.


Smoky Hill United Methodist Church's vision is to:

  • CONNECT to God in worship and prayer
  • BE TRANSFORMED into fully mature followers of Christ
  • SERVE God in our world and in our church



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District and Conference Information


We are part of the Pikes Peak and Mile High District. Our District Superintendent is Rev. Dr. Melanie Rosa. She can be contacted at


We are part of the Rocky Mountain Conference. You can learn more about our Conference on the website or on Facebook. Our Conference Bishop is Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto. Click here to learn more about our Bishop.